Bean Bar | San Diego Specialty Coffee Shop in East Village | About Bean Bar, San Diego's East Village go to for specialty coffee!
We are a craft-coffee loving, creative, community driven, passionate couple who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. The local, ever growing coffee culture taught us about the importance of direct trade, social responsibility, and great flavors.
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Bean Bar is a husband and wife owned small coffee house in East Village, San Diego. Sandra and Jason took a road trip up the West Coast to find the best coffee roaster and couldn’t be more excited to serve specialty coffee sourced directly by 49th Parallel out of Vancouver, Canada. Bean Bar has been serving delicious coffee since 2014 and we are so excited to be a part of this neighborhood.


Coffee has an undeniable way of connecting people; from the farmers, to the roaster, to the barista and finally, to you. It’s probably why we are so meticulous about preparation and using only the highest quality beans.


We learned about the importance of  direct trade, social responsibility, and great flavors while growing up in an ever changing coffee mecca called Portland, Oregon. We took our love for the craft and added some Southern Cali love.


At Bean Bar, we bring you all these things.

 Always poured fresh and with a smile.

We source our coffee exclusively from 49th Parallel, because we love and respect the amount of effort that they put into every single roast. We love how they partner with the right farmers, sourcing ethically using direct trade, to roasting each coffee to it’s full flavor potential.


While there are many talented and wonderful roasters in the Southern California Region, we wanted to provide a unique and flavorful experience for each of our fantastic customers. At Bean Bar, you can expect to have a cup of coffee prepared for you that pays tribute to the tremendous amount of work everyone along the coffee chain has put into creating a distinctive coffee experience.


We love the farmers, 49th parallel, and we love you; and that’s good enough for us.


If you have any questions about any of our coffee’s, please don’t hestitate to ask. We don’t mind nerding out for a little bit; and, if you are in a hurry to grab a delicious cup to go… we got you covered for that too.


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